Who's Screaming?

Flocci Lady was introduced to derby in Vermont in early 2011, but has since relocated, bringing her love of the sport with her.

Photo by John Oren

This blog would have been but a gleam in the eye had it not been for some seriously boring bouts in the spring of 2011. One of them was so boring, in fact, that Flocci left halfway through, which she would normally consider a slight to the skaters. This started an ongoing discussion of why those bouts were so boring, and then came the realization that preaching to the choir wasn't a satisfying way of dealing with these revelations. Thus, a blog was born.

For a while there, Johnny Bash, who got Flocci into derby, was writing some posts, but he's left the blog due to unsportsmanlike conduct. Anyone interested in taking his place as co-writer should email Flocci.