10 August 2011

Toronto, here we come!

Howdy, y'all! Flocci here. We'll have a bout recap and a book review coming soon, but I wanted to share something funny first. This conversation happened twice at work today:

Me: So Johnny and I booked our first vacation together last night.
Co-worker, then Boss: Oh?
Me: We're going to Toronto!
C-W&B: Oh!
Me: In December!
C-W&B: Oh...
Me: For the first-ever Roller Derby World Cup!
C-W&B: Ohhhhh!

I think it's possible that I talk about derby too much at work. ;)

Anywho, the trip to Toronto in December means that we're going to be cutting back on our bout trips for the next few months to save money, limiting it to just GMDD and CVRD games. We'll still be posting, though, so do check in every week. And if you're going to the World Cup, too, let us know!